BIRTH NAME: samuel ratsch.
RING NAME(s): darby allin, darby graves.
BIRTH DATE & AGE: 7 january, 1993. twenty-eight.
HEIGHT: 5'8 (1.73m).
WEIGHT: 170 (77kg).
FINISHER(s): coffin drop, last supper.
WON: 7 november, 2020.
DAYS HELD: 122+.

Darby Allin (born Samuel Ratsch) is a Seattle-born professional wrestler known currently for his reign as the TNT World Champion. Widely recognized for his usage of unorthodox items, such as his skateboard, and for his outwardly alternative look. A fan of punk rock, Allin's ring name is inspired by artist GG Allin and the singer for the band The Germs, Darby Crash. Allin is known also for being straight-edge (refusing to partake in drugs or alcohol) based on previous experience with addiction, and for a while was intentionally homeless, taking small jobs on shows such as MTV's "Ridiculousness" and TLC's "Sex Sent Me to the ER" for nothing except money.
Allin's career is laden with underestimation; based on his smaller size and newness to the pro wrestling scene, many people have doubted Allin's ability as a wrestler. Allin purposefully takes on opponents larger than himself (ie Cody Rhodes, who is 6 inches taller and 46 pounds heavier), and has shocked many with his success. He gained the TNT belt from Cody Rhodes.